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Ordering of Web Programs
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Here you can sign up for a subscription to be able to use our Web Programs.
If you are already a customer with us, you can manage your subscriptions once you have logged in.

Read more about our subscriptions here...   
  • Depending on the selected Subscription Type, different numbers of programs can be included. You are free to choose from the following:
    • The Pink Program - Short phonetic words
    • The Blue Program - Longer phonetic words
    • The Green Program - Non-phonetic words
    • MonteMathics - Math from scratch

    Within a subscription, you can change which program or programs are to be included. After you have changed, however, you must wait 30 days before you can change again.

  • With our Yearly Subscription, you only pay at the time of ordering and the subscription is then valid for a full year. There is no automatic renewal, but you can order a new subscription at the end of the period.

  • For all subscriptions, you can have up to two simultaneous logins. In this way, the programs can be used on two devices simultaneously.
Choose 1 of our programs13 USD/year
Choose 2 of our programs18 USD/year
Choose 3 of our programs24 USD/year
Use all our programs30 USD/year

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