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Contact information for Sund Media:

Postal Address Sund Media
313 92 Oskarström
E-Mail info@sundmedia.se
Web Address www.sundmedia.se

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About Sund Media

Sund Media is a small company located in the countryside outside the town of Halmstad in the south of Sweden. We are specialized in developing and selling digital educational teaching materials for children. Our business started up in 1995 with the making of The Pink Program. The other programs in our suite Reading Pearls were developed the following years and we also made our mathematics program, MonteMathics.

It is now very thrilling for us to be able to present the next generation of programs, our web programs. The greatest advantage for our customers is that these programs can be run from any computer without any need for downloading or installing any computer software. You run them directly in your web browser.

With our programs we want to make reading, writing and mathematics interesting and stimulating in a positive and encouraging way by guiding the smaller children through pedagogical designed practices. The programs are designed to let the children work and go through the practices again in their own pace. We are all individuals with different prerequisites and we think the most important thing is that the child finds joy and satisfaction in itself. In our products we have avoided to include negative expressions in both text and images. The images are also designed to be as attractive and real as possible.

As a complement to the programs we also provide online books, each of them containing a small story easy enough to let the children read them by themselves. The originals of the books were painted with watercolours and texted by hand. The books are only available in Swedish.

Our main customers so far have been preschools and schools with children from three to four years of age and upwards. With our new web programs we also believe that these will be spread widely outside the world of schools.

The programs and books are designed by Ann-Helene Sundell, who is a Montessori teacher and a teacher educator with more than 30 years of practice. The programs are produced by Kenneth Sundell who is a system developer since 1982.

Ann-Helene Sundell Kenneth Sundell

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